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Cauliflower is big news!


I have never been a fan of cauliflower.

There are enough other vegetables that both look better & taste better, that I will gladly skip the cauliflower in favour of … almost anything. (though as an excuse to enjoy a rich, creamy, delicious cheese sauce, it is acceptable!)

So the ridiculously high price of cauliflower in the grocery stores this winter does not affect me. I would not be purchasing it anyways. A combination of the low Canadian dollar & a shortage due to difficult weather conditions in the southern US where it is grown have resulted in heads of cauliflower costing up to $8. And while other vegetables & fruit have also increased in price, cauliflower is the one that’s making the news. It seems every news source in the country has been talking about it. Even the New York Times had an article on the high price of cauliflower in Canada.

I have never been a fan of cauliflower – and so we have never grown it.

Then last summer I decided to give it a try. While not my vegetable of choice, many of our CSA customers have requested it, and since we like to try something new each season … It was almost a success. The plants, which we grew from seed, started off great. Then frost got most of them, and we sort of ignored the few that remained. Later, when we searched through the weeds, we found some very nice heads of cauliflower – small but clean & white. And they tasted great!


This season we’ll be growing cauliflower again – enough for our CSA, and enough for me too.

I’m now a fan of cauliflower!

What else will we be growing for our CSA program? Here’s a reminder from last season …


 We are now accepting applications for CSA 2016.

4 thoughts on “Cauliflower is big news!

  1. Hi Lorie!

    My girlfriend and I are splitting a full share this year. Last season I would often drop by her place with some extras for her family. They all loved it.

    I will send in paperwork this week.



    Cate Moore Sent from my iPhone


  2. Are you growing just the white ones, or some of the other varieties too?

  3. Hi Ron and lori

    We’d like to sign up for a full share. Remind me to give you a cheque at the office Lori.



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