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CSA 2015 – Week 10

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This week marks the halfway point of this year’s CSA already!

What’s in the box?

Peaches, cucumbers, salad turnips, beans, tomatoes, onions, zucchini …

  • Everyone seemed very excited for the peaches last week! We hope you enjoyed them! Rest assured, there will be peaches in your share again this week, and we hope for many weeks to come. The peaches we are picking now are all beautiful, colourful & deliciously juicy & sweet.



Already some trees are empty – their peaches all picked. They can rest. Their work is done for the year.


  • Cucumbers appeared in last Friday’s box, unannounced. The extreme heat & humidity brought them on faster than expected. They will be in everyone’s box this week. We have green ones & white ones too. The white cucumbers are called Silver Slicer, known for their mild flavour, juicy texture & thin skin. We like them because they are better to pick – white cucumbers are easier to see in the green leaves than the green ones.


  • Salad turnips also showed up in your share last week. They are crunchy like a radish, but without the sharp flavour. Eat them raw as a snack or slice into salads or sandwiches.
  • Along with the green beans this week we have more of the yellow beans with purple stripes called “dragon’s tongue”. We think they taste better but you can decide that for yourself. Let us know how you like them and we can grow more of them – or less – next year! Unfortunately they lose their purple stripes when cooked.
  • Tomatoes, onions, & zucchini are staples in the box this time of year. The tomatoes were especially happy for the bit of rain we received on the weekend. It perked the plants up & will hopefully speed up the ripening too. Our zucchini is somewhat of a disappointment this season – so many odd shapes & weird colours. While they might look strange, they still taste good though!


  •  … there may be other vegetables in your box again this week? Sometimes we don’t know what’s all there until we start picking on Tuesday morning. And by Friday other things may have ripened, or be finished. So … surprise!

Here are some pictures of the CSA pick up last week …

a full share box.







Fruit & vegetables are not the only things growing on the farm. The chickens & ducks seem to be getting larger by the day!









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