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CSA 2014 – The end … and Thanksgiving

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Sorry for not posting the final newsletter last week. We were without internet for a few days.

What was in the box?

Cabbage, squash, sweet peppers, Bartlett pears

Our CSA program for 2014 is now complete.

Was it a success? We feel it was, and hope our shareholders agree. A short survey will be going out to all our members soon, and we welcome your comments & critiques.

Our farmers’ markets continue … Georgetown ends this coming Saturday, while East York & North York markets continue until the end of October. We are still selling pears – Harrow Sweet & Bosc, along with squash & pumpkins. A frost on the weekend was heavy enough to finish off the sweet & hot pepper plants. We were able to make a final pick today and will have hot peppers available at market still this week. The kale is not affected – in fact the flavour of kale improves with a frost! The swiss chard continues to grow (slowly), and there should be some cabbage & lettuce yet to come.

Here’s hoping the weather cooperates for the final weeks of market!



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It’s beginning to look like fall.


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It is Thanksgiving today and we have much to be thankful for …

  • We are thankful for a good harvest. After that long, cold winter, we did not know what to expect. However the orchards came through the winter fine and all the tree fruits produced a crop. While the berry crops were down, the quality was good. Most of the vegetables turned out okay too – there was even enough to share with the rabbits!
  • We escaped most of the extreme weather events – no hail, no damaging winds, no harmful thunderstorms … just a few big downpours. The crops survived unscathed.
  • We were blessed with good health & a safe summer on the farm – both our family & our employees.
  • Thank you to all our CSA members. We find it amazing that you pay us for a share of the harvest way back in winter or early spring, with no guarantee that there will indeed be a harvest. You come to the farm each week to pick up your box of produce – a big committment. We are thankful for the trust you place in us to grow your food & your family’s food.
  • Thank you to all our loyal customers & friends at the farmers’ markets. Wind, rain and sun, you venture out weekly to purchase your fruit & vegetables from us. You thank us, encourage us & give an honest evaluation of our produce. You bring us favourite recipes, samples of what you made with our fruit (jam, chutney and baking …), bottles of frozen water to keep us hydrated on the long ride home, chocolates & candies, newspapers, and even supper. Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Just a beauty blog post to polish off the year.

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