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CSA 2014 – Week 15


We are winding down on the peaches (only 2 varieties left to pick), blackberries & tomatoes – the fruits of summer.

But our fall crops, including pears, plums, and peppers are coming on strong now.

Peppers – both sweet & hot, large & small, and in many different colours – were picked today.








Look for these beautiful red, yellow, orange & purple peppers in this week’s CSA box.



These mini chocolate bells, sweet yellow stuffing peppers, & Italian pepperoncini will be available at our farmers’ markets. They turned out so well, and are becoming so popular that we will be growing them for CSA next year as well.


What’s in the box?

Bartlett pears, green beans, sweet peppers, collard greens, garlic, onions, lettuce (Tues. only). 

  • This week the fruit portion of your CSA share moves from peaches to Bartlett pears. Bartletts can be eaten green & crunchy, or allowed to ripen more until they are yellow & soft. Keep them in the fridge if you prefer them green. At room temperature they will ripen quite quickly – so watch them carefully. They are great for eating, as well as cooking, baking, canning & jam.
  • Our final planting of green beans has matured and is in your box this week.
  • Sweet peppers are coming on strong now, as described above.
  • We received many favourable comments on the collard greens the other week.  Another bunch is included in your share this week.
  • Garlic & onions continue. Remember not to store garlic in the fridge – keep it in a cool, dry place.
  • There is enough lettuce left for Tuesday’s box only. Sorry to those who pick up on Friday!

This is week 15 of our CSA. Only 5 more weeks are remaining.

2 thoughts on “CSA 2014 – Week 15

  1. Chocolate peppers? Do they taste like chocolate ? 😉 yum!

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