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CSA 2014 – Week 12

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Given the choice, I’ll take a nectarine over a peach almost anytime.

Maybe it’s the smooth skin without that peach fuzz, the beautiful red colour, or the firm yet juicy texture, but for whatever reason I prefer nectarines.

023 024 027

I begin eating them when they are still green & weeks away from ripening, eat them all through the season, and scour the trees long after they are finished, hoping to find a forgotten fruit for one last, sweet, too juicy, taste treat.

The first pick of our Harblaze nectarines was this past weekend. It was rather discouraging. In fact we debated whether we should even pick them.

It seems that everything likes nectarines – and by everything I mean every bug, insect & disease. The fruit this season is really bug-bitten & ugly, too ugly to be sold as #1 nectarines. Approximately 95% is 2nd grade. Almost all the damage is on the surface though, so a quick peel leaves a clean nectarine. And of course they still taste amazing. They just look bad!

028 029 030

It’s my fault. I must have got my timing wrong on a spray, or missed a needed pesticide. So we’re left with a lot of sub-standard nectarines.

… lots of good eating for me, I guess!


What’s in the box?

Nectarines, beets, beans, tomatoes, sweet peppers, onions.

  • This week’s box contains nectarines instead of peaches. The cooler temperatures of last week slowed down the ripening of the peaches, but we have lots of nectarines. As described above, the quality is lacking, but not the flavour!
  • It’s time to pick the beets. We have been waiting, to give them more time to grow, but the weeds are gaining the upper hand & we are choosing our weeding battles – beets is not one of them. There will be red beets & golden ones.
  • The next patch of beans are ready, and they are looking good.
  • Tomato lovers are in heaven these days. There are lots of delicious tomatoes in different sizes & colours to enjoy.
  • Sweet peppers & onions are becoming a staple in your CSA shares.


Still to come in your CSA basket …


Some of the later vegetable plantings, growing nicely, including Chinese cabbage, cabbage, lettuce, edamame, beans, kohlrabi & kale.


The blackberries are slowly ripening – we’ve picked a few pints so far.


One thought on “CSA 2014 – Week 12

  1. I was going to ask you about the grading. Are there rules about selling the lower grade(s)? Is it a perception issue? For canning and pies and things, wouldn’t they be fine? X had some nectarines last week and he is keen on them too.

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