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First Frost

Well that was unexpected!

I checked the forecast again before turning in last evening and was relieved that there was no danger of frost – not even close!

I woke up this morning … to frost! There was frost on the roof, frost on the ground, and frost on the plants!

White on the squash patch where the vines have been mowed down, the ground worked and a cover crop sown for the winter.
Lots of frost on the tomato plants. We’re working on removing bamboo posts & string that were supporting the plants all season. Next we’ll pull the steel posts and mow down the plants.
Eggplant & hot peppers looking a little frosty!

But the sun shone and burned off the frost in a hurry and there was very little damage. Only the bitter melons were finished off (but the plants were about done anyways), and the sweet peppers & eggplant are showing some frost damage. Everything else looks fine – and for this we are thankful! While our CSA is finished, we still have 4 more weeks of farmers markets, and we need some product to sell.

The final planting of greens went into the ground only last Friday, 5 days ago. Whether or not they grow & mature will depend on the temperatures and sunshine over the next few weeks. But they are off to a good start.

The 2nd last planting …
And the one we’re harvesting this weekincluding lettuces, salad mix and baby kale.

This week was the first since early June that we have not harvested and prepared for a CSA pick-up. The 18 weeks went by fast. Now we have a bit more time for other jobs on the farm (and perhaps we will start to slow down and work less hours), but we already miss seeing everyone. One of the best parts of a CSA program is meeting and getting to know the folks who we grow our vegetables for – the ones who eat our produce.

Thank you again to all who joined us this season!

These 2 friends are already slowing down, taking the time to enjoy each others company, and watching the chickens!