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Beautiful May

It has almost been a month since I last posted.

Time flies when you’re having fun busy!

Tomatoes are planted. Snapped this photo last week. Since then we have pounded in posts and mulched most of them with straw. And WOW they are growing! Today we planted the eggplant and some sweet peppers.

Everything is growing like gangbusters right now.

While these pictures are only a few days old, the crops have almost doubled in size since. It’s hard to keep up!



Around the farm this week …

May is a beautiful month. So many flowers & trees to enjoy!

Heartnut tree

Just enjoying the sun …

… or a catnip induced stupor!
Morning chores – feeding the baby chicks.


We are looking forward to seeing all our friends again

this Saturday 4 June – opening day of the Georgetown Farmers’ Market,

and at our 1st CSA pick up the following week.


Spring, please!

Impatient. Frustrated. Anxious …

We have perhaps been feeling like this lately.

It has been a cold spring – cold enough to put us behind on our spring planting. The ground has just been too cold & too wet to do much.

We even had snow just 2 weeks ago!

Certainly we are ready – and have been ready for awhile!

These seedlings have been waiting for transplanting into the field for several weeks now. And there are plenty more waiting in the greenhouse. For some of them the wait has been too long and we had to throw them on the compost pile.
But finally this week conditions were right and we were able to get a lot planted. Now it’s raining (but not too much hopefully) which is great for getting them established.

Lettuce, pak choy, cabbage, broccoli, green onions, radishes … are in the ground now. And as soon as these rains are over and the soil has dried we’ll continue our planting with beets, spinach, kohlrabi, arugula …

The snow peas that were seeded early in April are growing slowly but surely.

And the garlic is doing very well.

In the greenhouse the tomato plants are looking great. Will the weather allow us to get them out in the field in a couple of weeks?

We cannot change the weather.

But we can choose to stay calm & focused.

Good growing weather is ahead!


Around the farm this week …

Coffee break in the barn – wearing winter clothes …

… while spring flowers & dandelions bloom on the farm.

The killdeer are back. This one lets us know she has a nest nearby – but we have not been able to find it.
Unlike this bird which is building it’s nest in a most unlikely spot – the tool caddy just outside our shop door. Guess we won’t be using this shovel for awhile!

Catching sunshine wherever we can!