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Farm talk

One of the best things about our CSA is getting to meet a lot of really great people!

We have gotten to know neighbours who we might not otherwise have met, reconnected with cousins and old friends, and made many new friends from all across Niagara.

Some CSA members stay and visit when they pick up their box – especially if they arrive when it is not busy in the barn – and we (ie Lorie) get to know them a bit. This has been especially enjoyable and satisfying during the pandemic when human contact has been more limited.

This year we learned that a CSA member hosts a really good podcast. Each week Mike interviews someone about their work or an interest they have. There’s no limit to the variety of topics discussed.

Mike interviewed me the other week and we talked about the farm and our CSA program. If you are interested, here is the link to our conversation:

Check out his other episodes too.


Around the farm this week …

We mulched the garlic recently. With Sage’s “help” we spread a nice, thick blanket of straw over the patch.
After some very windy days, yesterday was calmer so I spread this pile of leaves received from a lawn care guy (and a few neighbours). My hope was that the snow forecast for today would hold them down and make them somewhat wind-resistant. I think it worked! I spread them with the manure spreader, over a field where we will plant tomatoes next summer. A lot of the leaves will break down over the winter and we will incorporate them into the soil come spring. Leaves are a free source of nutrients and organic matter for the soil. The more I can get the better!
Strong winds like we’ve experienced lately always bring down many branches from the 2 silver maples in our backyard. But no damage done!
Flynn & Flynn are happy to enjoy the warmth of the greenhouse on cold December days.
Christmas preparations!

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Late fall

Our first seeds arrived this week.

That’s early!

It is usually later in January when our mail carrier starts delivering boxes & boxes & boxes … of seed. But we needed to get a head start this year – because last season we came up short. All the seed companies were inundated with orders early in 2021 and fell behind with shipping. Most of them shut down for days or weeks on end to try and catch up. Some even ran out of certain seeds. We never did receive some of the seeds we ordered. And we don’t want that to happen again!

So we are already ordering and receiving seeds.

In some ways it is difficult to get excited about next year when we’re still tired from this one. On the other hand, the memory of growing season 2021 is still fresh in our minds which makes it easier to plan for 2022. I have only ordered from 3 different seed companies so far, but we already have 5 new pepper varieties and at least 8 new tomatoes (don’t tell Amy!). Still plenty of chances to go crazy yet!


Around the farm this week …

Fall brings variable weather conditions. Here’s a few pictures – same spots on different days.

Some kale we’re still enjoying. Behind it is our garlic patch (approx. 5500 cloves) planted back in mid October. We are waiting for a day when the ground is frozen but there is no snow to spread a thick layer of straw over the field. The frozen ground will prevent the mice from burrowing into the soil under the straw, and the straw will protect the ground from freezing and thawing throughout the winter which will keep the garlic safe & secure. It will then stop weeds from growing next spring.

Snow covering our lettuce & spinach bed. When the snow melted the greens still tasted amazing though the quality is diminishing. Hoping to be able to eat salad until Christmas at least.
We are working our way through a lengthy list of fall & winter chores. Recently we rebuilt the end wall of our small greenhouse which had rotted extensively. Weather was nice enough to paint it even and then decorate it for Christmas.
(Why do we have netting stretched around the greenhouse perimeter? Because the Flynns like to climb up the plastic and play on the barn roof. The netting (usually) discourages them.)
(Notice how the trim on the chicken coop matches the sunset!)
Sage and her best friend Milo. They play together every morning.
Sage and her other best friend.