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It takes a very good reason to get me on an airplane at any time – and especially during COVID.

So here’s a very good reason!

Lorie & I flew to BC the other week to meet our grandson (born in January) for the 1st time, and to see our son & daughter-in-law. Then we moved on to Alberta to visit my brother and sister-in-law.

It was great to spend time with family!

Other highlights of our trip …

It was a spectacular sight flying into Abbotsford – the mountains in the background along with the bright red of blueberry fields in the fall.

The ranching country around Cochrane is beautiful.

Driving through the Rocky mountains around Kananaskis – we even experienced our 1st snow of the season!

Now it’s good to be home where there is less rain than BC, warmer temperatures than Alberta – and no snow yet!


Around the farm this week …

Our 2 main vegetable fields. On the left, the fall cover crop is thriving. It’s purpose is to cover & protect the soil over the cold months. Most of this vegetation will die over the winter and be incorporated into the ground in spring adding needed organic matter & nutrients to the soil. We will grow a lot of vegetables here in 2022. The field on the right was where our crops grew this past summer. By the time we finished the harvest it was too late to plant a cover crop, so mowed all the vegetables down but did not work the soil – any weeds & vegetables that regrow this fall yet will cover & protect the soil over the winter. I spread manure & compost over the field. Next spring we’ll cultivate & work the ground and grow cover crop all year to give the land a rest from vegetables and to prepare it for the following year.
Our 1st heavy frost of the fall happened this morning.
The lettuce & salad greens early this morning …
… and a few hours later after the sun had burned off the frost. No damage done – most greens can handle frost.
We’ll be eating fresh salad until winter sets in.
Burning the brush pile.