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The last fall chore

The garlic patch got mulched last week.

We tucked it to bed for the winter under a thick covering of straw. We chose a morning when the ground was frozen but there was no snow. The straw will keep the ground frozen which will prevent the garlic cloves from being pushed out of the ground during the freezing/thawing cycles we experience during our winters. Rodents may burrow into the straw, but not into the frozen soil underneath.

When spring rolls around in a few months, the straw will keep the weeds from growing and make our garlic an almost-work-free crop until harvest.

Of course we had some help spreading the straw …


Around the farm …

We have had some varied and colourful sunsets recently.

The 1st snowfalls are always the most beautiful.




My Dad always reminded me to finish up the outdoor farm work by the end of November because freeze-up happened in early December. With our changing weather patterns this is often not the case anymore, but I still hear his words and try to heed his advice.

Good thing, because this is what we woke up to on December 1!

We have gone from this …

… to this, in a very short time.

From green grass and the last coloured leaves …

… to peaceful whites & greys.

(Of course a day later it’s melting rapidly.)

And our fall chores? I crossed the last item off the list just a couple of days ago.

Now we turn the page and begin to work our way through the list of winter chores. The best part about this list is that there is no immediate hurry – none of these jobs have to be completed today … or tomorrow … or …. ? After 8 months of sticking to the plan, keeping up the pace and getting things done, our winter schedule is a luxury and a privilege we thoroughly enjoy! (I don’t even check the weather forecast every day!


Around the farm this week – and these past few weeks …

Everyone enjoyed the beautiful fall weather we experienced for much of November.

We had a bit of drainage work done – Sage took advantage of the dirt piles!

Our 6 remaining hens have started laying eggs and are working out their schedule for nest time.

We made a few changes around the barn, removing the bollards from the front …

… and the grasses from the side.

On the colder days, we play in the greenhouse.

Welcome December!