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Still Growing

Sometimes, if I wake up during the night I can hear the coyotes singing. It’s a good sound, and comforting to know they are there. Coyotes are an important part of the farm, helping to keep the mouse & rabbit populations under control. In fact I wish we had more of them!

Already we are experiencing damage from the rabbits. The first planting of broccoli – meant for human consumption  – was feasted upon shortly after being transplanted to the field (sorry CSA members & farmers’ market customers!).


We replanted & put a fence up around part of the field – the end at the railroad tracks where all the wildlife lives. A few nights later they hit the broccoli again. We better secured the fence but had no more seedlings to replant. Since then there has been no more damage. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

Other than that, things are looking good on the farm. Everyday we are seeding or transplanting vegetables into the fields.



We continue to seed in the greenhouse as well and it seems to always be full, even though we’re bringing plants out to harden off & get used to being outside in the weather.



The temperatures overall are staying cool, so while the vegetables are growing well, they are also growing slowly. Our first plantings which have been in the ground for about a month remain quite small.


However the colours are amazing and it is a pleasure to watch them grow & develop.


Not just the rabbits causing damage!



What’s Growing?

Most mornings I go for a walk around the farm. It is a good way to begin the day – exercise, fresh air, and a chance to look things over & see how the crops are growing.

This time of year, I can see growth almost every day. While sunshine has been lacking these last few days, we have had plenty of precipitation, and it is slowly (too slowly?) warming up. Many of the early spring crops prefer cooler temperatures anyway & are thriving.

I usually carry the camera along on my morning walks. Pictures are an easy way to record crop growth & conditions, for future reference & comparison. After all, a picture’s worth a thousand words!

Here’s the garlic patch last week …


… and today.


Last week the first vegetables were just becoming visible.


Today the rows can be clearly seen – snow peas on the left, spinach to the right. In between are beets, lettuce mix & of course weeds. Radishes & various greens are hidden under the white tunnels. These tunnels are made of a fine netting material that keeps bugs out – bugs that would love to chew on the tender leaves & turn these greens into unappetizing lace.


What else is growing?

The raspberry canes are coming to life.



We are especially excited to see the leaves popping on the blackberry canes. There has been no blackberry crop for 2 years due to winter damage. This past winter was milder & the blackberries are looking great. We anticipate a good crop! The plants are all pruned, & tied, and mulched. The straw helps keep the weed pressure down & preserves moisture.


The new growth is beautiful – fresh & green with vibrant red.


The big job on the farm these days is transplanting. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, herbs …  All those tiny seedlings that were crammed in the small greenhouse earlier have outgrown their trays & need to be put into individual pots. These will be planted in the fields in the next few weeks, and many will be sold at our farmers’ markets for customers to plant in their own gardens.


Another day or two and our larger greenhouse will be full to overflowing.


Watching the farm come to life in spring is an exciting time. And a busy time – at least for most of us …