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Beauty in the Orchards

There is nothing more beautiful than the farm in spring!

The buds, the blossoms, the fresh green leaves unfurling …

kailey &Nathanaels wedding may 9 045



Blossom time went by quicker this season. Last weekend the cherries, plums & peaches were at their peak, but the sunny, hot & humid weather meant they did not last long. It was perfect weather for the bees to do their work though, and pollinate the blossoms – and they were out in force.

kailey &Nathanaels wedding may 9 063

The plum trees were loaded with blooms – we’re optimistic for a great crop!


kailey &Nathanaels wedding may 9 042

Cherry blossoms were also plentiful.

kailey &Nathanaels wedding may 9 043

kailey &Nathanaels wedding may 9 056

Already we can see the tiny cherries growing inside the blossom.


We have been unsure of what to expect from the peaches after the frigid winter. But overall they had more blossoms than we had expected.

Some varieties had enough blooms to promise a good crop.


kailey &Nathanaels wedding may 9 061

Others had not much  …


And some had blossoms only at the tops of the trees, where the temperatures were a little warmer – just enough to make a difference.

kailey &Nathanaels wedding may 9 050

All varieties of pears had an abundance of flowers.


kailey &Nathanaels wedding may 9 038

Other pictures of the spring beauty …

kailey &Nathanaels wedding may 9 025





Perhaps there is something more beautiful than the blossoms …  Our daughter Kailey got married last weekend.

Our girls – Amy, Kailey & Kate.

kailey &Nathanaels wedding may 9 103

The happy couple – Nathanael & Kailey.

kailey &Nathanaels wedding may 9 166