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First Blossoms!

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There’s nothing like the first fruit blossoms to lift the spirits & confirm that spring has indeed sprung.

The apricots have opened!

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We find ourselves going out to visit them several times throughout the day – almost as if we have to reassure ourselves that they are really blooming.

And not only are they beautiful to look at, their fragrance is incredible too. And the noise! Because it was sunny today, the blossoms were literally buzzing with bees. Where do they come from? The hives we rent for pollination have not yet arrived. I guess these are wild bees? Regardless, they were very busy doing their thing – for which we are grateful.

The cherry blossoms are not too far behind.


The peach buds are swelling too.



On the vegetable side …

We’re finally seeing things up & growing.







Spring has been a long time coming – but now it’s here & we’re happy!

One thought on “First Blossoms!

  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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