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Spring-ing into action!


With the change in the weather, things on the farm are really moving – including us!

In the orchards …


Lots of tree pruning is happening – making up for time lost during the prolonged winter.


The grass seemed to turn green overnight.


While the peach buds have barely changed yet,


the sweet cherry buds are swelling & turning green.


The open ground has been cultivated and is drying up nicely. We managed to seed snow peas, spinach, lettuce & beets last week.

In the berry patch …


Blackberries are being pruned,


and the raspberries too.

In the greenhouse …


Amy is busy transplanting – while Oliver is busy resting,


and the pots of vegetables & herbs are starting to line up.


The nights are still quite cold so we cover them each evening to keep more of heat in.

In the gardens …


The rhubarb is popping up,


and the herbs are coming to life (angelica in the background, yarrow in the front).


From a distance there’s nothing to see in the garlic patch,


but a closer look reveals rows of green poking through the straw.


I have plenty of company on my morning walks around the farm. Seems everybody is enjoying the warmer temperatures and is happy to be outside & moving again.




4 thoughts on “Spring-ing into action!

  1. The kids’ nature club group recently looked at temperature vs blossom time for the ‘famous’ High Park Cheery Blossoms here in the city. They predict peak bloom May 19th.
    I wonder if your blossoms follow a similar march temperature/blossom time?

    Thanks too for the rhubarb picture. I found some in the yard yesterday and didn’t realize what it was until I saw your picture this morning.

  2. Hey Chris, I imagine the fruit blossoms would follow a similar pattern, but I’m not aware of any data on this.
    Certainly we know that blossom time will be later this season!

  3. So excited to see everything springing up!

  4. Finally, besides the racoons making a mine field out of my back yard, the lilac bush has buds and the dafs and tulips are going to bloom soon (if the squirrels don’t chew the tops off). See you at the market soon.

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