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January is a different sort of month here on the farm.

Instead of being filled with action & activity like the other 11 months – i.e. the work of growing, harvesting and marketing our fruit & vegetables – January is a time for dreaming.

We dream about growing, harvesting and marketing our fruit & vegetables.

We dream of what we’ll do differently, and better. We dream about new ways to grow our crops, new crops to grow, how we’ll become more efficient and definitely more profitable, and on and on ….

When I walk around the farm in January, this is what I see …


but this is what I dream of seeing …


or this …


The fruit orchards look like this …


but I picture them like this …


While the blackberry canes look barren & cold …


I dream of an abundance of berries …


We also dream about the sunshine & hot weather – and this year we experienced it in January – in Cuba!

Our son Darren married Katie there, and we enjoyed 7 glorious days of warmth and sunshine. It’s not often that we get to relax and not work when the weather is warm, so we made the most of it!

Darren and Katies Wedding 2014 182

Darren and Katies Wedding 2014 300

Darren and Katies Wedding 2014 360

6 thoughts on “January

  1. What a great post! Loved the Segway into Cuba and the photos there, especially of you, Ron!

  2. I liked the flip flops. Don’t think I’ve ever seen Amy with colour in her skin, or Ron looking so relaxed. I’m dreaming of summer too, but not too much as yet, because my freezers are still full.

  3. Great juxtaposition of the orchard views, and wonderful segue into your Cuban adventures. Congratulations to you and Lori on the marriage of your son. My wife says she barely recognized you, the trip seemed to have knocked years off.

    Only 58 days until Spring.

  4. Thank you so much for the surprise photos at the end of this post! How wonderful to see the photos of the wedding : ) Congratulations to all!!! Blessings, Jim and Gay

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Congratulations. A destination wedding, glad you got to see some sun. Now are the newly weds going back to Winter Peg? The next question is, Ron where is your Speedo? Think of you guys often. Looking forward to a break in the weather.

  6. Beautiful pictures…wonderful dreams…

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